10 T-Shirt Design Tutorials On Separating Colors

For those that don’t have any experience with t-shirt design you might think that if your a designer you can just create something in photoshop and send it out to a printer, but its not that simple. There are a lot of guidelines and techniques involved in creating a good t-shirt design, if you want the best results then you should get to know them. This post features a collection of great tutorials on preparing your t-shirt designs for screen printing and how to seperate colors in photoshop and illustrator.

Photoshop Tutorial: Separating Colors for Screen Printing
If you are new to screen printing, you may not know where to begin when it comes to getting artwork ready for printing. Separating images into colors is an important step. Luckily Photoshop makes this pretty easy. I am going to show you how Read More
Create a Complete Apparel Tech Pack
This tutorial will set out to give you step-by-step instructions for ensuring that your files are properly set up and ready to go to print! (AKA: Creating a ‘Tech Pack’) Hold on, ‘cuz it’s long, but once you get it down, your clients and printers will love you! Read More
Super-Slick, Screen Printing Separations with Illustrator
In this tutorial, we will explore the process of taking your design from the screen to the shirt. Specifically, we’ll address one of the biggest headaches for a designer – separating your design for print. The steps in this tutorial Read More
Using Photoshop or Illustrator to make Separations
While there are many, many various opinions on how to produce color separations for “flat-color” printing, this is the most basic and foolproof. It works in any software program that willRead More
Create a Three-Color Illustration for Screen Printing
This tutorial shows step-by-step how to create separated artwork for a screen printed T-shirt. Screen printing is regarded as the best method of printing onto apparel because of the quality it produces – and Read More
How to Create Your Own Color Separations in Adobe Illustrator
After you create vector artwork for t-shirt printing, there is one more major step the printer has to perform before printing. This additional step is something that everyone has heard of, but very few have tried. It is called color separations. It’s crucial that Read More
Spot Color Separations In Photoshop
I keep hearing how screen printers can’t print without a vector image. I show you how to separate a flattened jpeg into a layered, print ready PSD file. Fun fun! Read More
Using Photoshop to create color separations for use in screen printing?
There are numerous approaches for producing color separations for screen printing. Especially as there are also a number of different applications Read More
How to Prepare Artwork for Screen-Printing
A great piece of design or illustration can be taken to new heights by having it screen-printed. The texture and variance of the ink on the paper is beautiful, and the ‘happy mistakes’ are delicious. But this magic is not possible without Read More
The Secret To Full Color Screen Printing
Ever wonder how t-shirts are made that feature photographic quality design, in full color? This articles takes an in-depth look at the subject of cmyk printing and color separations, and Read More
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