10 Things To Take Advantage Of While In School

Originally Posted On 10/21/2009

I recently graduated from high school, thinking back I realized I missed many good chances to learn some important things while I was there. For example, taking a class that would have taught me something I could apply to my future instead of taking a class just to get an easy “A”. Below are 10 things aspiring designers should take advantage of while in high school, some of which I did my self and others that I wish I would have done.

  1. Take art classes in high school, they will teach basic art elements which are important to know and will help your designs look better.
  2. Take programming and web design classes, these classes will teach you html, css, and even some more advanced languages such as javascript (its important to have some coding, web design, and other skills). You will also learn how to use programs such as dreamweaver, flash, photoshop, and illustrator.
  3. Take a business or marketing class to give you a basic understanding of the business side of things, and help you in the future when your looking to start your own business.
  4. Join a design or art club, here you can interact with other artists and designers and learn from each other.
  5. Don’t expect to learn everything from school, research and practice on your own time as well, there are many amazing tutorials and other resources online that can help you learn many important things that you might not learn in school.
  6. Offer to re-design your schools website and posters for school events in exchange for some community service hours.
  7. Offer to design something such as a website and business cards for your parents and friends.
  8. Keep copies of the work you do and start building your portfolio.
  9. Create a personal website or a blog, maintaining your own website or blog will help you to keep your programming and coding skills sharp, keep you up to date with current trends, and you will learn many new things.
  10. Look for colleges that offer good design courses. Design because you enjoy doing it.
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  2. cool post. students can also participate in design contests (like the one im holding right now for people interested in creating tshirt designs). design contests usually have prize giveaways.

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