Stop Procrastinating And Get Things Done!

Originally Posted On 11/04/2009

Make Plans
Keep track of the things you need to do using a calender, agenda, or notepad. You can even design your own calender, since its designed specially for yourself you can add whatever you want and the calender might help you to stay on task. Make sure to keep it somewhere that you will see it constantly such as the refrigerator.

Get rid of distractions
Work somewhere quiet where you can focus on what you have to do without losing concentration all of the time.

Complete harder tasks first
Instead of worrying about small tasks that you can do quickly, worry about the difficult ones that will take more time to complete

Do it now not later
Have you ever received a new message regarding a new project or a had to make a call to a potential client, and thought “I’ll just do it later”? Chances are that person probably contacted several others as well, if you respond right away not only will it give you a better chance of securing that project but it will help reduce your procrastination with bigger things. Another practice I found useful is when you see an article that you are interested in don’t bookmark it and think you will go back to it later(you might forget about it), read it right away and if you want to add something leave a comment.

Plan everything and set goals
write down everything you intend to do at the start of the week and check things off as you get them done

Break things into smaller parts
Breaking things down can make something long and complicated seem short and easier. When working on a project make a list of different parts that you will work on at different times. For example, when working on a logo I would break it down to

  • Design Brief
  • Research
  • Planning
  • Sketching
  • Visualizing
  • Finalizing

Make sure take breaks in between each one and before you know it you will be finished and have time to relax instead of doing something last minute and stressing yourself out in the end.

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