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Blast From The Past is a collection of articles written on other blogs that I have found to be useful and good to have in your bookmarks so that you can go back and read them every once in a while. These articles were published at least a year ago but that doesn’t stop them from being great resources that you can look back on and find some helpful info no matter how many years have gone by. Blast From The Past round ups will be posted every weekend, make sure to subscribe so that you know when there’s a new update! Without any further ado lets go back to the past!
Questions To Ask Clients Before Designing A Website

As with any project you start, gathering essential information upfront is not only beneficial to a successful deliverable but will also save you and your client plenty of headaches throughout the process and pave the way to a lasting and trusting relationship. The more information you…Read More
How To Increase Your RSS Subscriber Numbers

The following list might prove helpful for those with the time to put into their blogging efforts if they want to see thousands of subscribers in their Feedburner accounts…Read More
80 Logo Designers Huge Essential Toolbox

Logos are visual images of the brands they represent. Having the right logo that delivers THE MESSAGE and that people recognize is really important. Good Logos are not easy to create…Read More
The One Thing You Need To Do To Become A Better Designer

Want to become a better designer? In this post, I am going to outline what I think is the one way to get there, and suggest a number of exercises that you can do to help you along the way!…Read More
The Secret To Landing The Clients Nearly 100% Of The Time

Because turning a prospect into a client is a process-based on a system. Identifying deliverables and executing campaigns for a client is a series of tasks based on a system…Read More
Designing And Coding WordPress Themes From Scratch

In this kickass WordPress article there are 24 total resources that will show you how to design and code WordPress themes from scratch. This includes…Read More
Do Young Entrepreneurs Need To Go To College?

Do entrepreneurs need to attend college? As a successful entrepreneur, I often get asked if it would be beneficial for a teenager who shows a strong interest in starting a business to attend college. I have asked this question…Read More
Learn About Design Not Making Things Pretty

Maybe it’s Twitter, maybe it’s the RSS feed, maybe it’s the fact that this hasn’t changed and likely won’t change in the future. I’ve ranted blogged about design vs. making things pretty in the past, the number of pointless…Read More
50 Totally Free Lessons In Graphic Design Theory

While many of us can create something that looks good in Photoshop or attractive when spliced into CSS, but do we actually understand the design theory behind what we create? Theory is the…Read More
How To Improve Your Photoshop Skills

Here I list my 10 tips to improve your skills in Photoshop, but they can be applied to other tools as well. Besides of that leave a comment with tips and links that you think will help us to improve our Photoshop Skills as well…Read More
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