Why Designers Should Ditch The Mouse And Use A Tablet

Originally Posted On 12/16/2009

I recently bought myself a tablet and to be honest I didn’t think it would make a big difference before I bought it, after setting it up and trying it out I realized that I had been missing out and my work was very limited with a mouse. Now I have many more options and I am able to create things I couldn’t before, below are a few reasons why I think every designer should stop using a mouse and start using a tablet.

Realistic pen and paper feel (More natural feel)

Everyone has tried drawing with a mouse at one point and realized it didn’t look good, its obvious that with a tablet drawing is going to be much easier but what a lot of people don’t know about is the levels of sensitivity, tilt, eraser, and the amazing work that couldn’t be done without those features. Sensitivity means that just like a real pencil you make strokes lighter or heavier depending on how hard you press down and the eraser works the same way. with the tilt sensitivity you can control opacity, color intensity, hardness, and flow.


you can bring your sketches to life by scanning them and tracing over the image, I found this very useful when designing logos because you can trace your sketches without any flaws and with more precision than when using a mouse and you don’t have to throw out an idea because its not possible to do with the mouse. Now the possibilities are even greater in my designs.

Easy to get used to

At first using a tablet might be a little frustrating. For practice you can try navigating around your computer with it, sketch, trace over pictures or drawings in photoshop or illustrator. There are some incredible tutorials below to help practice and get started you will get used to it in no time and once you do you won’t look back.


As designers we spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen and using a tablet instead of a mouse can be more comfortable and is better for your health. Using a mouse consists of a lot of twisting of the forearm at unnatural angles and repetitive use of the same muscles which can lead to aching body parts and increase the risk of RSI. A tablet allows you to keep your hand in a relaxed and natural position and uses several different muscles evenly.

Programmable buttons

The buttons on the pen can be programmed to whatever keystroke you want, so while drawing in photoshop, illustrator, or whatever program you use you can easily undo a mistake, switch to another layer, zoom in and out, and much more depending on what keys you set the buttons to. There are only two buttons on the pen so you have to pick the two functions that you use the most

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