Tutorials On Creating Photo Realistic Mock-Ups

Creating mock-ups is a great way to impress your clients and give them a different perspective on how the design can be implemented in real life, they are also great for making your portfolio look more interesting and creative. In this post I put together a collection of some great tutorials that will teach you how to take your designs and create amazing photo-realistic mock-ups that you can present to your clients or include in your portfolio to give viewers an idea of how your design looks on a dvd or cd cover, package, business card, t-shirt, and more.

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  1. These are really cool tutorials. Thank you for the list.

  2. No problem, glad to see you are enjoying my posts!

  3. thanks for sharing ! I love the photorealistic perspective one.

  4. Glad you liked it! Nice website by the way, love the name too!


  1. Tutorials On Creating Photo Realistic Mock-Ups | The best Tutorials

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