Why a professionally designed Logo is important to your business

One of the most important essentials that every business needs is a well-designed Logo.
High quality products and excellent customer service are vital, to be sure, but one of the biggest contributors to your business success now and in the future is definitely the Logo that everyone sees before they even set foot in your door.

The reason for this is simple; your Logo is like the ‘face’ of your business. For example, when you see those tall, golden arches, even from far away, you know that McDonald’s and their delicious hamburgers are close by. The orange and white Home Depot logo, with its use of the ‘stencil’ font, is another great example that lets people know at a glance what they offer, as is the ‘helping hands’ logo that Allstate Insurance uses.

A well-done Logo will help to brand your business like almost nothing else can, and in effect is the most dominant visual element that’s linked to the ‘personality’ of your business. A well-designed Logo can transmit whatever message you like about your company. It also has the responsibility letting a prospective customer know what your company ‘stands for’ at a glance. If it’s a good one it will tell people ‘we’re trustworthy, capable, and ready to help you with quality and dependability’.

A well-designed logo will incorporate simplicity, flexibility and adaptability into its design. The simplicity part means that it is easily recognizable and, hopefully, memorable. Being flexible and adaptable means that it can be used in all of your outward bound marketing and advertising and is easy to configure and adapt to the various sizes from business cards to billboards. Remember, your logo represents your company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Make it a good one and it will generate business for you even when you’re closed.

In closing, here are a few various reason why having a professionally designed Logo is vitally important to your businesses health.

  1. It creates brand recognition to help consumers remember you.
  2. It will help to assuage fears when a new product is rolled out. People will ‘trust’ the product because your logo is on it.
  3. It will establish your company’s identity into the future.
  4. It tells people who you are at a glance.
  5. It helps them to know what products or services you sell.

If you’re starting a business or you are thinking about updating your logo please feel free to contact us with any questions you have or any needs that we can fulfill. Thank you.


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  1. I cannot agree with more. First impressions does matter and a good logo will do that for your online business. Thanks for sharing.

  2. A good logo definitely makes a big difference!

  3. The logo is vital to the image of any business, completely agree!

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