Hello. My Name Is Sergio, I Am A Web & Graphic Designer Living In Boca Raton!

About Me

Hello my name is Sergio Santana, I am a graphic designer from Goiania, Brasil currently residing in Boca Raton, Florida.

I have always been artistic, from drawing my favorite cartoon characters and even creating my own cartoons as a child, to eventually learning about photoshop and shifting over to the graphic design field. At the age of 14 I began taking an honors web design course in high school and I went on taking this course for four years.

Taking web design classes in high school helped to get started and taught me a lot, it wasn’t until I started reading design blogs that I really gained a good understanding of the industry and it was at this time that I decided I really wanted to be a graphic designer. I eventually started my own graphic design blog and have been doing freelance graphic and web design work for three years. To view my portfolio and samples of my work click here.


If you are interested in hiring me please visit my contact page.
The services I offer are

  • logo design (logos, corporate identity, and branding)
  • print design (business card, flyers, posters, cd cover, dvd cover, letterhead, packaging, and more)
  • web design (I design websites using photoshop and I code in html, css, and php)
  • wordpress themes and websites.


I started Delta Designz blog in October 2009. The blog features articles and posts about graphic design, logo design, print design, as well as areas related to these and design in general, such as typography, design principles, blogging, social media, branding, resources, designer interviews, marketing, photography, case studies, tutorials, and a lot more! Delta Designz went offline near the end of April 2010 after the company that hosted the site went out of business and shut everything down without warning. Because I lost everything and couldn’t recover any of the files, I decided to start over with a new design and the site was relaunched in September 2010.

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